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stress or burnout

What is burnout and how can you manage it?

Summary  Burnout leads to physical and mental exhaustion. It is a state where you feel highly demotivated, hopeless and detached. Understanding the difference between stress and burnout becomes crucial to managing burnout.  Table of content  What is burnout? Have you ever felt so drained that you are unable to move or think? Have you found

Best yoga exercise for lower back pain at home

Yoga can help people heal from back pain by strengthening back and abdominal muscle control, promoting better posture and flexibility, and increasing relaxation. Here are a couple of the better yoga positions for lower back pain that you can do on a daily basis. Best yoga exercise for lower back pain at home Child’s pose

10 Healthy Foods to Keep Your Hunger Pangs Away

Summary: When your stomach is empty, you feel hungry, and your stomach growls. It is called a hunger pang. Let’s talk about the possible causes of hunger pangs and some healthy foods for hunger pangs. Hunger is an innate mechanism of your body that indicates that it is time to eat. And the craving for

Foods that are healthy for your heart!

Keeping your heart healthy and active is the most important responsibility that you have. Whatever you eat and drink can have positive as well as negative impacts on your heart. So, it is necessary that while deciding your menu or daily diet, you must choose foods which are healthy for your heart. According to the