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Author: Ruben

How does digital dependence impact our day-to-day life?

How is Your Digital Dependence Impacting Your Mental Health?

Summary: The Internet has become the most crucial part of our lives. Be it education, work, social media, business or entertainment, everything is digital today. As this necessity is slowly taking over us, have you ever thought about what impact excessive digital dependence could have on our mental health? In this article we aim at
Post lockdown worries

How to Work Through the Fears of Post Lockdown

Summary: As the country prepares for the third wave of COVID-19, we explore how to work through managing the anxieties it brings. Transitions can be overwhelming. This article gives practical ways you can work through the ambiguities of COVID-19 and re-integrate into the post lockdown life.  Introduction The pandemic has turned the world upside down.
How important is Post COVID Mental Health recovery?

Mental Health Toolkit for COVID-19 Recovery

Summary: At this point most have either contracted COVID-19 or have a loved one who has. We have all mastered identifying symptoms and following treatment protocols for COVID-19. However, there is definitely a surge in panic and anxiety attacks that we are experiencing with the onset of COVID-19. In this article we aim at rendering

Yoga Poses for Those Sculpted Abs!

Summary: Yoga is a practice that is mental, spiritual, social, and physical. The breathing and posture exercises help in strengthening, flexibility and toning of muscles. There are various exercises to help the body with specific needs. Here are 8 asanas described to help you achieve well-defined abs. An Introduction to Yoga – What is Yoga?